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Immersive Educational Advertisement©

Immersive Educational Advertisement©

What is it?
Immersive Educational Advertisement@ (IEA) is an educational micro-game with animation, zooming, scrolling, audio and sound of a quality comparable to commercial video games that users can play in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Digital Network

What’s so good about it?
With a conversion rate of 50-70%, and a 4 times higher retention rate compared to other forms of digital marketing, Immersive Educational Advertisement is a smart and effective way to spread your words and convert your traffic into long-term supporters.
lEA uses the same budget that each organisation has already allocated for digital marketing, no extra budget is needed, just an effective reallocation. lEA can be launched in all main social networks as any other advertisements, compatible with iOS, Android, and supports various screen size and resolution.

How does it work?
Each Immersive Educational Advertisement is tailor-made for NPOs, NGOs, governments and commercial businesses to address sustainability and social issues. It is designed by experts in social science and video game development who know how to target and maximise interaction with audiences.
We work together with you to define the message and the action. We create the storyboard, passing through the development, quality assurance, testing and release phases. All steps are closely documented monitored for you for a constant improvement strategy.

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